Our expertise

We have extensive knowledge of the diverse variety of British wool breeds, colours and qualities.

Natural, renewable British wool

Shepley Yarns are spinners of finest quality, pure British wool. Our original colour palette has been developed over several years and takes inspiration from the rugged beautiful landscape that surrounds our Saddleworth premises in the heart of the Pennines.

Shepley Yarns are licensed spinners of British wool, renowned for its durability and handle. We work in partnership with some of the major wool houses of the world, we formulate blends through our extensive knowledge of wool buying (ensuring the correct micron, fibre length and crimp at all time). These firm foundations ensure that quality continuity is maintained at all times. Within our colour palette we have included a selection of natural colours, standard classics and rich melange colours.

We are also able to offer commission spinning of specialised breeds (dependent upon quality).